Posted by: Kate | March 7, 2015

The Dog That Wanted to be a Swimsuit Model

All his life, I think Chika has secretly yearned to be a swimsuit model. He walks with a sway, and he tosses with the best of them. Doubtful? You be the judge….

chika in water1 chika in water2 chika in water3

Work it, puppy, work it!



  1. He’s so adorable!

  2. He’s certainly a beauty, with that cute spotty face and gorgeous markings. Not sure that being a swimsuit model would do him justice! ;-) Ros

  3. You know how to bring me out of stalker mode back to commenting mode. Throw up some pics of Chika!! If only I had his confidence! ;)

    • I knew it was that easy!

  4. Awwww… I love dog stories :)

    • Thanks!

  5. oh it took all my self control not to skip over the previous posts and jump right to this one!
    and i’m not disappointed – chika is a dreamboat, he could model anything… that first photo cracks me up! he’s definitely working it!

    • I always know how to sucker you and Rachel in ;-)

  6. Whistle for Chika (I apologize for misspelling his name on last comment).

    He’s definitely a beauty or I should say, handsome. He looks like he knows how to enjoy life. Btw, the colour of the water is gorgeous!

    • Trust you to notice the ocean colour, being such a blue lover ;-)

      • Haha, of course!

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