Posted by: Kate | February 25, 2015

Through Someone Else’s Eyes

Down in Victoria a few weeks ago Bushboy decided to play with my camera. He was experimenting with my big detachable flash, seeing the difference it made in lighting and exposure. He snapped some photos of me while he was playing and one of them I was quite taken with.

me Feb

I like that it is slightly out of focus (ah, there’s that word!). I was talking to Mr. Kate and relaxing after a fun day. My feet are almost always curled up when I am sitting, mostly because I can’t touch the ground on most chairs and couches. I am wearing a pair of my knitted socks and my favourite comfy fleece pants. I look relaxed and happy, and I like to see that.

I am usually behind the camera. It means a lot to me to have Bushboy pick up my camera and take a picture of me, and that he captured this moment in time. A short focus of me.



  1. What a great capture, BB! I thought you were wearing your hand knit socks, love them. You look happy :-)

  2. You look lovely

    • Aw thanks Kathy!

  3. Lovely photo!! Nice socks too! Ros

    • Thanks Ros – they’re my most colourful socks I think!

  4. To me you look content. Such a good way to be…

    • I was that day. It was lovely.

  5. I love this photo of you. To me, this screams of relaxed and contented. Good to see!! And I prefer to think of it as soft focus…while he may not have been trying to do it intentionally, the effect is a great one with this type of photo.

  6. a beautiful photo of a beautiful woman!

    • Thanks Melissa.

  7. how wonderful to get to see yourself from your son’s perspective and know the beauty and contentment he finds in his mama.

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