Posted by: Kate | February 21, 2015

Where I Walk

Often my walks are taken right in the neighbourhood. I watch familiar gardens year-round, delighting in the subtle changes as the months go by. Chika sniffs familiar landmarks, noting which dogs have been where and when. I know which way the wind will catch me as I turn a corner. And I know when I turn down the two hills in my loop, that I will see the ocean and then the mountains. And it never fails to make me glad.



  1. I don’t have any mountains, but I know exactly how you feel about seeing the ocean. Whenever I see the lake, I smile.

    • It’s all about what makes you feel at peace, I think.

  2. You live in such a beautiful place, Kate. It’s so much easier to get out for a walk when you know you have all that natural beauty to enjoy.

    • Absolutely true.

  3. I have to say it again, Kate, you’re living in paradise. It’s so nice that you can see the ocean so close to your home. I can’t imagine. I love that you can bring the ocean to us.

    BC is so beautiful, especially now when the trees are starting to bud :)

  4. Gorgeous photo… But I personally don’t think it’s fair for you to mention Chika in a post, but then have no photo of Chika in said post… :)

    • Ha ha! Chika soon, duly noted ;-)

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