Posted by: Kate | February 18, 2015

Unseasonable Weather

Although we often have a stretch of warm weather in February, this year has been particularly mild. The whole winter has been, with less rain, less wind and warmer temperatures. We’ve barely even had frost over night. That’s not really a good thing, as it means a dry summer like last year, unless we get a wet spring. And of course, as we always remind ourselves out here, the bad weather can show up any time.

Meanwhile, we are basking in warm weather and the gardens are waking up. These two pictures were taken a day apart, of the flowering white current at my front door.

IMG_0282 IMG_0292

With the light coming back in the evenings as well it feels like April out there. Quite disconcerting and hard to remember that it is only February.



  1. I LOVE your beautiful pics! You’re right, it seems that Spring is definitely in the air. I have no desire to finish knitting my Buffalo Wool scarf. It’s been too warm outside :) You’re right, too, the warm air may not be a good thing but I am always hopeful.

    • I keep waiting for winter to reappear, but it doesn’t seem to be happening any time soon! I don’t think I’ve had a scarf on more than a handful of times since New Year’s.

  2. So gorgeous!
    Love seeing the peeps of green.
    We are not having unseasonable temps, and our color palette is still firmly in the whites and browns.
    I love winter, but I also love little reminders that things can be green!

    • If we had a white winter or a ‘real’ winter I’d like it more.

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