Posted by: Kate | January 28, 2015

The Big Picture

I read this quote over a year ago, and it rings through my head so often.

…she closed her eyes for a moment, and saw the hills, and the burns tumbling down, and the veils of fine rain. And she thought, One can love a country until it hurts. ~Alexander McCall Smith “The Careful Use of Compliments

It is that last line that strikes me in my heart and rings true for me. When I look around me I am awestruck with what I see. Sure I have enjoyed traveling and seeing new places, but this, around me, this super natural beauty, this is my heart’s home. And I love it fiercely.

beach jan 282



  1. You are very fortunate to live where you are.
    I have never been there but the more I hear about it, from you, the more Campbell River calls me. It all looks beautiful.

    • Really it’s all of Vancouver Island that I love, although here is pretty good!

  2. Wonderful post, Kate. It’s exactly how I feel about where I live. We are both so very fortunate.

    • So true!

  3. Well said, Kate. My sentiments exactly from here in Qualicum Beach. I grew up in Vancouver but lived for over 30 years in Ottawa and came home to Vancouver Island when I retired. It’s then that I fully realized that this is indeed ‘my heart’s home’. Better late than never. Thanks for the post.

    • Mr. Kate and I spent four years in Ottawa, and that was when I realized that the island was my one true home. I liked Ottawa, but I needed the island – the ocean and the mountains and the forest all together – to be entirely at home and myself. Glad you found it here as well!

  4. As I have said many times before in response to your photos, you are so lucky to live in this beautiful part of the world. We all need to take the time to stop and appreciate our local natural environment, as there is beauty to be had the world over. You just happen to have extra beautiful beauty around you! ;-) Ros

  5. I had not been up ‘my hill’ for a hike in awhile (too much ice and snow)…but last week I went up twice. Halfway up the hill, before you go into the trees, one can see the whole of our valley spread out. Every single time I do that walk, on the way down, I stop when I get to this point and it almost takes my breath away how beautiful it is and how much I love this place. That first day, when I got down and back to the house, coincidentally, I read this post. So very appropriate. (ignore that it took me days to actually comment!)

    Beautiful image Kate. And I so understand your love of water…I love love love to visit the coast but the draw of this little valley always pulls me back.

  6. Beautiful! You’ll have a beautiful Spring. Looking forward to more pics!

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