Posted by: Kate | January 16, 2015

Fleeting Moments

Sometimes the light is only there for a moment….

jan 16 sunset1

jan 16 sunset2

… fleeting moments of breath-taking beauty.


  1. I totally agree, Kate. One must be super quick to take photos of disappearing light. The ones you’ve captured are beautiful!

    Oftentimes I’ll see a spectacular sunset, for example, and by the time I go & grab my camera, the beautiful sunset is over or has darkened & changed.

    Maybe I should buy another camera to keep at the door :)

    • This is right outside my front door, so easier to get the photo. Just have to look up to see it!

  2. Such beautiful pics. I love sunsets behind tree silhouettes. The shapes are amazing! Ros

    • And here I was frustrated that I couldn’t get a clear shot – thanks for shifting my perspective and focus!

  3. Yes. And a perfect excuse for carrying a camera everywhere you go (something I need practice with). So many times I see a scene like this and wish I had a way to record it…a few moments later it is gone. Beautiful.

    • As I mentioned in a reply above – this was right outside my front door. I’m kind of spoiled that way. Just have to remember to look up!!

  4. such delicate beauty.
    thanks for sharing

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