Posted by: Kate | January 6, 2015

I Love a Rebel

When Bushboy was born I was given a Canon Eos Rebel camera. Manual, of course. I loved that camera, loved the clarity of the pictures and the quality of image I could take. But time passed and film developing become impractical and expensive in a digital world. I moved on to my Sony Cybershot, which is an amazing little digital camera. But over the last year or so I have begun to feel limited with the Sony. I felt an itch to return to more manual control. I didn’t want a huge DSLR camera, but I wanted something more than my little Sony.

And Mr. Kate, my rebel man, found it for me. A Canon Eos Rebel, grown up to the digital age and yet so similar to my beloved manual Canon.

canon rebel1 canon rebel2

The best part is that my lens from my older camera fits on this one, as does my large flash. The pictures it takes – just like the Canon pictures I remember. My heart beats for a Rebel, my friends, I can’t help it.

rebel collage


  1. You’re going to have a great time with your new camera! What a bonus that the old lens fits. I know from Rebekah’s interest in photography that they are quite pricey. Nice photos!

    • Yes, it was one of the reasons Mr. Kate picked this model, so that I’d have two lenses.

  2. yay! this is exciting!
    i can’t wait to see all the amazingly gorgeous photos you and your new rebel take together!

    • Yeah, I’m pretty excited about it too!!

  3. Nice!! Oh man, are you going to have fun with this! Good job Mr. Kate! ‘They’ always say it isn’t the camera that makes good photos but the photographers eye. And while I totally agree with this on one level, I do think having a marginally good camera (at least one step above a point and shoot) certainly helps. I had a sony cybershot for years before getting my Nikon d90 and I loved it. Then I got the DSLR and I immediately noticed a difference in the quality of the colors etc. I take the Sony out on captures and I can tell easily, looking at the pictures, which camera I had with me.

    Also — in a more literal way, this gift seems very fitting to your intentions. ;)

    • Yeah, this may have been on my mind a little when I chose my word. Seemed apropos :)

  4. how wonderful! what an exciting way to start the new year! looks like you and your rebel are off to a wonderful start- can’t wait to see all the beautiful things to come!

    • Stay tuned!

  5. Ditto ditto ditto! I’m late looking at your blog, please excuse my lateness.

    I’ve had my eye on a Rebel for quite some time. It looks like exactly what I need. Years ago, I had a Minolta SLR & hauled it with me every time I stepped out. My intention was to photograph nature. Now that the DSLR’s are available, somehow I’ll find a way to get one.

    • p. s. I love the pics of you and Mr. Kate! You’re both adorable, looking very happy together :-)

      • Aw, thanks!!

    • It changes everything!! I hope you do get one one of these days.

  6. I got a DSLR (Olympus E-M5) for my birthday in December. I love it but unfortunately all my lenses from when I had my SLR (Yashica) way back when are not compatible with any cameras now :-( I have two lenses and will keep working on getting a few more specialized ones. Enjoy your camera – I’m loving the results from mine.

    • That’s too bad about the lenses. I thought it was really cool that mine fit, and was pretty impressed that my husband thought to ask about it too!! Glad you are enjoying the camera, I’m liking being back in the SLR world for sure.

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