Posted by: Kate | December 1, 2014


“Mom”, said the text I got on Friday, “you know it’s almost the first right? You know you need to get the stuff for my calendar, right?”

We just never know what little things are going to become traditions. The simple advent calendar I made Bushboy the year he was two was created to last a couple of years, because maybe I’d make him a new, better one. I just knew I didn’t want one of the cardboard ones from the store, I wanted something we could put more than just candy in.

Now 12 years since we first hung the simple felt count-down calendar, it has moved into the status of a tradition. And so it still hangs, filled with candies and some empty pockets for notes leading to special treats throughout the month.


I didn’t have traditions in my house around Christmas. So I really love that this one, in all its simplicity, has stuck. What simple traditions does your house have?


  1. I think it’s incredibly sweet that Bushboy texted you a reminder about his advent calendar. :-)

    • Yeah, I kinda did too :)

    • I agree! I think the simplest things are often the most special.

  2. i love that this has been in use for 12 years! what a wonderful tradition!
    (and i too love that he texted to remind you – a modern twist!)

    • He texts me a lot, iPod (no phone) to iPod. Pretty nice actually.

  3. Awww, this is a wonderful Christmas tradition! It’s heart-warming to see people continuing special traditions. Wtg Bush Boy!

    • I can just picture the phone call the first Christmas he’s away from home…. ;-)

  4. Simple traditions are one of the best parts of Christmas, I think! Ros

    • I agree!!

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