Posted by: Kate | November 15, 2014



This is what grounds me, what brings me my peace. Any time of year, any type of weather. Since I was a young child, the ocean and beaches of Vancouver Island have provided me with a calm and sense of belonging I have not found anywhere else. When I stand here, even for only 5 minutes on my way to somewhere else, my day is better. My worries are less, and my mind is quieter. This is my serenity. I sometimes forget, but my body and mind never do.  It’s always the right place for me. Breathe deeply. Yes.


  1. I couldn’t imagine not living near the ocean. To have it in my backyard is a very special thing.

    • I did it for four years, and told Mr. Kate I’d never do it again. 20 years later, we’re still here!

  2. i think i could stare at this photo all day… having lived in the middle of the continent for my entire life (i’ve shifted north/south but never strayed too far east or west) the oceans are only a vacation destination… but a magical and captivating one to be sure.

  3. When I look at your beautiful ocean photos, I, too, feel a bit of serenity. Ty!

    • Happy to share!

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