Posted by: Kate | November 12, 2014

November Days

Sometimes in November we get perfect fall weather – crisp, cold and bright. This week promises just that, and yesterday Mr. Kate and I snuck out for a walk along the river.

If you live anywhere on Vancouver Island, except for maybe in the two largest cities, then your life is somewhat attuned to the rivers of the island. They go from a trickle in the summer to flooding in the fall and winter rains, altering landscapes and affecting homes. Here in Campbell River we have our namesake river, the Campbell, along with many other smaller rivers. Always fun to walk along.

november walk1

november walk2

november walk3

Walks like this can’t help but rejuvenate me, making me feel more centred, more calm and more content. All good things!


  1. So beautiful. I love the rivers of BC.

    • Rivers are definitely a defining part of the province.

  2. gorgeous!

    • It really was a spectacular week!

  3. So beautiful! Did you notice the gorgeous cloud in the first picture?

    • You have such a good eye for things.

  4. Oh man! I keep missing your posts, it’s been hard to keep up lately. I adore your photos & musings, I always feel better after reading them.

    • Thanks!

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