Posted by: Kate | November 9, 2014

Fall Colour

Fall on Vancouver Island is an unusual time. The nights get darker, the rains pick up, the wind swirls. But the landscape – it becomes more vibrant than it was in August, when things are dusty and dry. Unlike the rest of the country, we don’t go brown and dead in the winter, before the snows come. Instead, we green up. Sure, the deciduous trees have lost their leaves, but the grass is long and thick and green, the evergreens glisten with their dark green boughs, and the hedges and ferns and bushes glow in their many green shades.

The garden also still has colour, as the last flowers fade into the early nights. It is one of my favourite times of year to get out in between rain showers and take photos.

fall colours1

fall colours3

fall colours4

fall colours6

fall colours7



  1. Autumn is so beautiful, I enjoyed your pretty pics. I had no idea that it stays green in the Fall up in your neck of the woods. Of course I’ve never traveled to the island in the Fall and winter.

    I’m starting to get a handle on my new smartphone. Phew! Now I feel confident posting here in your blog :)

    • Hey Kim, so happy to “see” you again!! The island gets more and more green as the winter progresses in fact. Rain forest for sure!

      • So happy to be back! I like to say, you can teach an older dog new tricks, it just takes longer :p

  2. Such pretty pictures, Kate! I remember the first year we lived in Richmond being shocked when the guy across the street mowed his lawn the day before Christmas. Now I’ve grown used to the perpetual green, but it was certainly a shock that first year!

    • If the grass wasn’t so damp we’d be mowing ours. It’s too long, and will be a bear come spring. Maybe with the sun shining this week….

  3. beautiful kate! thank you for sharing your garden with us

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