Posted by: Kate | October 29, 2014

Knitting Commitments

With Fall zooming by I am having to seriously think about what I am committing to for holiday knitting. Two pairs of socks for my mum, no question. Two more pairs of socks for people at work. Dish cloths of course.

Hats? Scarves? So hard to decide. I have one other project for sure but can’t say here what it is.

Luckily I made a lot of jam this summer, so I think food gifts will be featured. And two calendars.

But this was about knitting commitments, so …

four pairs of socks; two scarves; one mystery gift; and dishcloths.

I can do this.



  1. You can definitely do it! I’m doing a cowl for mum and a toy for Iain. Other than that, my knit commitments go into next year. I just found out Rocky is going to Kansas in January so I’m debating socks for xmas but I’m not sure if that will just cause stress.

    • I appreciate your faith in me!!

  2. you inspire me! i need to sit down and figure out my crafting plans for the holidays!
    kathy’s right – you can definitely do it!!

    • Thanks!

  3. Definitely possible! Get those needles moving! Pros

  4. I’ve seen your past Christmas projects & know you will finish all of the projects you have in mind. I envy your quick knitting, I have a difficult time knitting a pair of socks in a year!

    • But what satisfaction you must get out of that pair of socks!

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