Posted by: Kate | October 12, 2014

Fall Musings

The Canada Geese are flying south. I can hear them in the evenings when I walk the dog, but the sky is too dark to see them. I love the gentle sound of their calls.

In this town, fall means hunting season. Where I grew up I only knew a couple of dads who hunted. Here everyone has someone in the family who hunts and it is often as not the mom or sister or grandma.

I’m almost done processing the apples. There have been a lot of apples.

Fall clean up has begun in the garden. It hasn’t gotten very far. I need to plant garlic soon.

The trees are just starting to change colour and most days I can still wear just a light jacket. Fall is ‘falling’ gently this year. A nice transition from an amazing summer that we weren’t ready to let go of.

Today we are having our Thanksgiving meal with my mom and her partner. Sushi and a ham. That’s us, just a little off centre from tradition. And for that, most of all, I am thankful.

hydrangea heads



  1. Happy Thanksgiving Kate! Having sushi sounds like a very “BC” kind of thing to do. :-)

  2. this post flows like a poem… happy belated thanksgiving to you!

    • Aw thanks Melissa, the geese line started as a poem in my head, but I was too scattered to take it further.

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