Posted by: Kate | October 2, 2014

October Means Apples!

September was crazy busy, and October has started out the same way. Maybe by November things will slow down…

In the meantime, the apple tree has produced more apples than ever before. Perfect Empire apples, lots of nice big ones for snacking and also for baking. So apple production has ramped up in the kitchen This is the basket I’m working on processing into the freezer right now….



There’s no way I can use all the apples this year, and I’m determined not to waste them. So I’ve already given two big shopping bags full to my colleagues at the office, and I have two more bags ready to go tomorrow.


The kicker is – there’s still more on the tree! Probably another three bags at least. I’ll be busy this week-end!



  1. I hope you find time to slow down. I’m not liking the hectic in life right now. Enjoy the autumn.

    • Hectic is stressful. A few more weeks and then things should settle around here. Hope the same for you.

  2. I’ve heard Empire apples are amazing, but have never eaten one. I bought 20 pounds of apples when I was on the Island last weekend and dehydrated them. If you have access to a dehydrator it’s a great thing to do with extra apples.

    • They are a mild, crisp and juicy apple. I’ve had three loads through the dehydrator so far!

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