Posted by: Kate | August 13, 2014

Busy Summer….

Oh my goodness! So many stories are whirring by… but right now it’s working time and Hubert is determined to help me edit. Not sure about his spelling abilities, but he sure likes to tell me what to do.

10342410_257773707755235_343244352193583875_n 10505297_257773717755234_665066864621425633_n

Hope to be back soon with stories of blueberries, and knitting, and lovely gifts that I’ve been so remiss in telling you all about. But there are 80th birthdays and 70th birthdays and family dinners and family visits looming on the horizon, with work deadlines, a sadly neglected garden and beckoning blackberries as well….

How is your summer going?!


  1. Nothing like a furry friend to keep you company and assist!!!! Sounds like a busy summer Kate. We’ve been away with our children and their families and now it’s just about time to start preparing ‘stuff’ for the new term! Ros

  2. It’s busy here too, Kate. Blueberries, gift knitting (one of the projects is the fingerless mitts pattern you blogged about awhile ago), and guests. Wave after wave of guests! I’m looking forward to hearing more about your summer once you have time to write about it.

  3. i know we chatted about furry helpers on the facebook, but i can’t not comment again :) oh kittens… what would we do without them?!?
    summer has just flown by! we’re two weeks out from the start of school, i can hardly believe it!
    enjoy yourself my friend!!

    • The big question here in BC is will school start?! No one knows.

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