Posted by: Kate | August 2, 2014

Ralph River Critters

We always see a great assortment of critters while camping, and this year was no exception.

rr critters1

The mini frogs are favourites of ours. They crawl all over the trails out there and the road through the campground. You have to watch your step! These are the first critters Bushboy looks for every year.rr critters2

rr critters3

It seems every year there are more deer. We saw them every evening especially, out in the grass between the lake and the campsites.rr critters7

rr critters4

If you time it right, there are multitudes of butterflies out there. This year was wonderful, lots of variety. Love these ones that land on the grass and dirt, but also love the white butterflies that fly up in the evergreen trees in the heat of the afternoon.rr critters5

This was the first year the campground seems to have picked up a resident falcon. It sat in the trees above the campsites most days, calling its eerie cries. Like a small animal in distress, or an emergency whistle being blown over and over again.


rr critters6

The squirrels are Chika’s favourite critters! I love how they scold anyone who gets too close to ‘their’ trees. They run through the campsite pretty frequently.



rr critters8

Fish count as critters, too, even if these are ones that we may eat :) Bushboy caught this one fly fishing. Mr. Kate caught his fair share, but was holding out for a certain size and let his go.rr critters9


We discovered this critter about four years ago, and eagerly search for it every year now. It only comes out at night. Red Western Frog, a nocturnal and friendly critter. This is a medium sized one, they can get much larger.

Critters make being outdoors so much fun!


  1. My son would completely agree – he loves camping because of the critters. His critter catching has paid off – he made the first confirmed sighting of a green tree snake on our island. Luckily Mama took pictures!

    • Cool!!

  2. teeny frogs are one of my favorites too! i have fond memories of catching so many of them when i was little!
    yay for squirrels!!!! such a cute little fella! chika and i have similar tastes, but i suspect for different reasons :)

    • I have no idea what Chika would do if he ever caught a squirrel, I don’t think he knows either!

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