Posted by: Kate | July 31, 2014

Ralph River Views

This year the weather was once again gorgeous out at Ralph River. A bit cloudy the first two nights, and then sunshine and clear skies. The lake was really low as well as the river. Never get tired of just looking at the views…

rr views1


View from the campsite we chose this year. Decided to go lake front (hotter sites but pretty views).

rr views2


Looking north up Buttle Lake from the mouth of Ralph River the first day (cloudier than the rest of the week).

rr views4


This glacier was also a view from our campsite, to the south. Loved watching it. At night it was the last place the sun touched.

rr views5


Standing in the field by the lake in front of our campsite, looking south into a little bay. We usually swim here, but Bushboy went in and discovered that Swimmers Itch had arrived. Poor guy looks like he has the measles. Luckily once the rash started the itch went away!

rr views6

The glacier from the river. I love it so.

rr views8


Sunset was about 7pm, because of the high, steep mountains on the west side of the lake. This again is from our campsite. It was actually a relief when the sun went down, although still so warm we often didn’t start the fire until 8:30 or 9:00. And no morning fires at all. We were lucky to get a fire, as the cooler weather the week before meant they lifted the fire ban for the coast temporarily. It is going back on Friday!






rr views10


This was what most nights were like. Can you see the two fly fishermen? Bushboy brought a trout back for dinner the next night.



rr views12


Saying good-bye to the campsite this morning. The sky was like this for four days straight and the night skies were even more amazing. We saw more shooting stars than we have on any trip. Never saw the moon (either because of its cycle or because it was too south in the sky, not sure which), which made the star watching even better!



  1. The pictures and description of your camping trip made me sigh. So very beautiful! It was great you had clear skies for most of your time there. There’s nothing like being out in the wilderness at night and looking up into the sky. Good timing squeezing in your trip between fire bans, too!

  2. sounds like an absolute wonderful trip!
    such gorgeous scenery! thank for throwing in a photo of chika at the end!! he’s the most handsome :)

    • Ha – he’s a photo bomber is what he is ;-)

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