Posted by: Kate | July 20, 2014

Carvings 2014

The Transformations on the Shore carving competition heralds summer around here. It is always held the week-end closest to Canada Day, and the sound of chainsaws and the smell of fresh sawdust will forever make me think of the beginning of summer. This year’s creations did not disappoint – these are some of my favourites.











Amazing work, and a great west coast art celebration!


  1. oh wow! what a wonderful event! they’re all amazing – do you get to watch them do the actual carving?!?

    • Great question! Yes, you can totally watch, that’s the fun part! We were away that week-end so I don’t have pictures, but it’s over five days and you can stand right where they are carving. They are carved in place, so where you see them in these pictures is where the carving happened.

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