Posted by: Kate | July 16, 2014

First Jam!

We ran out of home-made jam this year, mostly because there was no blackberry harvest last year. It was a little traumatic to have to buy jam. So it was with some relief that I made the first batch of this year’s jam.

str-rhub jam


Strawberry-rhubarb jam, all fruit from the garden.

Apricot jam is next on the list, and something else with rhubarb as I have a lot of it this year. Maybe raspberry rhubarb as I don’t think my raspberry harvest will be enough for a full batch on its own (we need to eat some of the berries as well, after all).

Feels so good to get some jars in the pantry!


  1. There’s nothing prettier than jars with freshly made jam sitting on the kitchen counter. Do you put yours in a hot water bath to seal, Kate? I do, but a friend of mine laughed when she heard I do that and told me she just makes sure her jars are very hot when she fills them and they seal themselves.

    • I water bath. My mother does not, never has. The Certo instructions don’t tell you to, just to sterilize the jars. But I feel more comfortable water processing as well.

      • My worry isn’t so much about the jam spoiling if I don’t do the hot water bath. It’s more that the jars won’t seal properly and the jam will be ruined. That would be very sad!

  2. Mmmm… raspberry rhubarb is a great combination. And I hear you on the pain of buying commercial jam. If I’m ever at a friend’s place and see store-bought jam on the counter, I give them a jar of jam the next time I see them! (I always make too much… love making it, really don’t eat much of it).

    • Can’t imagine having too much, quality problem that!!!

  3. oh so pretty… i’m jealous, i’ve not made any jam in ages… i need to get my self in gear and make some jam!!

    • My guys are soooo happy.

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