Posted by: Kate | July 1, 2014

Oh Canada!

Today is Canada Day. Not quite a long week-end, but Bushboy and I did take my mum camping on the week-end past, so I thought I’d share those photos (Mr. Kate had a motorcycle course to attend, so he was off having his own adventure). They are representative of everything we love about this country….

We went to Malcolm Island, where we once saw the orcas rub on a beach. There were no orcas spotted on this trip, but every day saw at least one humpback whale spouting, and dolphins swimming by. The weather was overcast as is typical for the northern Vancouver Island region, but there was only a small amount of drizzly rain.


view from the campsite at Bere Pt Regional Park


typical tall coastal cedar tree


seagulls resting on a log


Pultney Pt lighthouse – still manned





A bald eagle – Bushboy took this picture



cruise ship traffic is heavy through the summer, if you’ve been on a boat to Alaska you’ve been by Malcolm Island



the view of Malcolm Pt on the last day when the sun poked out




lots of fishermen out every day

Happy Canada Day – get out and explore this amazing country!



  1. Wonderful pictures Kate! Bushboy did a great job with the eagle photo. I had no idea we still have manned lighthouses!

    • In 2011 the federal government backed down from their plan to automate almost all lighthouses in Canada, due to a massive uproar, especially on the west coast. In BC we have about 27 manned lighthouses according to the sources I could find.

  2. Brilliant photos Kate & BB! I have another beautiful eagle pic for my desktop :)

    • He mentioned you specifically when I told him I wanted to post the eagle pic.

  3. i know i’m late, but “happy canada day!!”
    looks like you celebrated in style!
    thank you to both you and bb for the fabulous photos!

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