Posted by: Kate | May 21, 2014

Long Week-end Fun

We camped at Miracle Beach this long week-end. That is a much busier park than we are used to, but it was great fun. We camped with some of our favourite people, including our most favourite little person. And of course, with Chika. Here is the week-end from his perspective:

miracle beach chika collage

We spent time at the beach, did some geocaching, ate good food, had campfires, and generally enjoyed being outdoors and away from daily routines. A great long week-end!


  1. looks wonderful!

  2. Glorious. A fresh air break from routine is something I always welcome.

    • It was wonderful.

  3. yay!!!! chika’s weekend is my favorite weekend ever!!!!!
    he’s so handsome.
    i love his puppy smile and his muddy paws!

    • Thought you’d like this post ;-)

  4. no offense to melissa but i feel as if this post was meant for me. and even if you say it wasn’t, i’m going to believe otherwise. ;)

    hi friend.

    • I always think of both of you when I post Chika pics :)

      Hi friend back.

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