Posted by: Kate | May 6, 2014

Early May in the Garden

May is the work month of the garden, more than any other around here. This month is all about keeping ahead of the explosion of growth. Organization is big in the May garden!

We got the cherry tree from last year planted finally. (That’s the forsythia in the background, flowers done and all greened up.)

early may garden3

It was still blooming when we planted it, but the blooms are finished now. Not sure that we’ll get fruit this year, but at least it is in the ground!

The apple tree is full of blossoms, and it is warm out so hopefully we will get good pollination.

early may garden2


early may garden1


Bushboy was playing around with the macro setting on his iPod, and snapped this one for me.

apple blossom

First peas are up, as are the pac choi and sui choi. Strawberries are just starting to flower, and this week-end I’ll be doing another big round of planting in the veggie beds (referring to my nicely organized planting diagram which helps me keep track of what goes where every year for good crop rotation).

Finally, the rhubarb and chive update. They’ve grown a bit in a month…

early may garden4

How goes your garden?



  1. Such beautiful blossoms. Ours are all but got now. It’s been very windy this weekend, so much of what was still on the trees has now fallen. Have a lovely week! Ros

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