Posted by: Kate | April 24, 2014

A Houseful of Cats

In a small house three cats can find themselves wanting the same territory. Especially the patches of sunshine that hit the floor throughout the day. While only rarely will you find all three of them in one close space, often two of them are trying to settle who should get top billing. On this day, Torti and Hubert decided, reluctantly, that they would share. Not sure if neither one would give up, or if neither one had the energy to really fight it out!

sun cats1

sun cats2

sun cats3

sun cats4


  1. Oh how I wish our cats would share. Sasha will share with Beckerman, the alpha cat. But she won’t tolerate Simba and Simba would just love a play buddy! Sigh…

    • Little Panda has the hardest time settling with the two older cats. They’re all such characters!!

  2. I miss having a cat around the place! My old guy died almost two years ago now… he was almost 16 and we were together his whole life (my landlady’s cat had kittens… and I lived in the basement suite!). Those two look happy in the sunshine.

    • Aw, I can’t imagine having no cats around. Our first cat we got the second year we were on our own. He passed away 9 years ago, and we still miss him terribly. He moved across the country with us. I’m sure one day you’ll have another cat around!

  3. Beautiful cats! They look as though they are actually enjoying each other’s company, rather than wanting a war over the space ;-)

    • Most of the time they get along, but not always!

  4. Great story! I don’t have cats, my younger sister does, 2, in fact. Apparently 1 is super-territorial when ‘strangers’ visit. there’s a bit of hissing involved.

    • One of my hides, the other two are overly friendly.

  5. aw, so nice to see them getting along and snuggling in the sunshine!
    peapod and pip rarely share sunshine… or anything for that matter, except a good tussle! :)

    • These two actually snuggle as much as they scratch :)

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