Posted by: Kate | April 21, 2014

Fire Bug

It’s true, Bushboy does love a good fire. Whether it’s out camping, at the beach, or in the backyard, he is always happy to get a fire going. So when our friend invited us over for a working fire, you bet he was all over it!! We arrived in the afternoon to find one fire burning and another waiting for Bushboy to start it. There were piles of demolition material and yard excavating material around the yard, which Bushboy slowly added to the burn piles throughout the evening.



The two fires were burning nicely by the time we called it an evening and left the fire to the neighbours (and grown ups). Bushboy worked hard and loved every minute of it. What a beautiful night as we left.




  1. Bushboy sounds like my boys. They always loved (still do, actually) a roaring fire. That last picture is beautiful!

    • It was a stunning night.

  2. Boys & fires. It’s a mystery. I love the last pic, too!

  3. i love fires too… and i agree, that last photo is gorgeous

    • Thanks!

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