Posted by: Kate | April 6, 2014

The Blue Shirt

This top began its journey a year and a half ago, in the fall of 2012. I had a vague idea of what I wanted, and using the incredible raglan sweater calculations I began. Then the holidays came, and other sweaters/projects, and the blue tunic got tucked away and forgotten.

This year after the holidays I started to think in earnest about my 2014 word – Organize – and how this applied in the various aspects of my life. Knitting was certainly one of them, and I began to go through the various project bags in the spare room.

The blue shirt! What to do with the blue shirt? I loved the yarn, it was a gift from a very special friend. No labels, she bought it in the giant yarn market in Seoul, Korea. I wanted to use it. So I picked up my needles and began again.

As I knit I realized there would not be enough yarn to make it the length I wanted, or the look I wanted. So I went back upstairs and found some blue cotton that complemented the yarn.

I am really pleased with this top. It will get a lot of wear later this month and into May and June, I think. And every time I wear it, I will think with affection of Sunmi, and our times together.

blue shirt1




  1. Great design and I really like the contrast edging. It’s a lovely fit! I must get on and finish some sweater WIP’s too! Ros

    • Thanks Ros. I was tickled that I had such a good match in my stash!

  2. Oh, that looks very good on you! A great style!

    • Thanks, it’s my preferred style.

  3. Well done for finishing an abandoned project! It is a great t-sweater, and will be perfect for cool spring days. I love the way you used a contrast colour on the sleeves and bottom ribbing.

    • Serendipitous, one might say.

  4. it’s wonderful and it looks great on you!!

    • Thanks!

  5. Really cute! Fits perfectly.

    • Thanks, I was really pleased with the fit.

  6. What a wonderful new sweater! I love your colour choices, it’s perfect for this time of year!

    • Thanks! Wore it to work the other day, very comfortable and the fit is just what I wanted.

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