Posted by: Kate | March 10, 2014


The crocuses have rebounded beautifully since the snow fall just over a week ago, and were glowing yesterday in the sunshine.

crocus march81

crocus march82

But what caught my attention was the lone crocus in the grass across the driveway from the flower beds.

mystery crocus1

How this solitary flower found itself growing in the middle of the grass, a full stretch of pavement away from its nearest kin, I will never know. But it pleases me none-the-less!

mystery crocus2



  1. I think crocus are more resilient than people. :-)

    My guess is some critter dug up the crocus bulb, decided it didn’t taste very good, and dropped it.

    • Yeah, that is the most plausible explanation.

  2. gorgeous!
    thank you for the pops of color!
    we’re still in a world of white over here :)

    • Well, we’ve got the most typical wind and rain today :)

  3. Oh wow! It is precious! (here’s another gorgeous shot for my desktop).

    • Glad you like it!

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