Posted by: Kate | March 6, 2014


Right now one of the hardest things for me to organize seems to be time. I don’t like all the clichés about never enough time, as I know I do have enough time. I don’t work 10 hours a day at hard labour, nor am I up all night with a young child. But organizing how I spend my time is proving to be a challenge these days.

I’ve been working at the office I’m at for two and a half years now, yet I still feel like I’m just reacting to time issues rather than controlling them. Part of that is needing to be more physically organized so that things don’t slip away and get forgotten. Part of it is time management.

So this month I am working hard on using my agenda to write down even small tasks, to remind myself of what needs to be done when I get home from work.

How do you organize your time?


Bushboy made snickerdoodles the other week – that seemed like a very good use of time!!



  1. Yummy! Boy oh boy, those cookies look good! It’s really nice to be able to make the decision to bake! I know how busy life can be, so it’s imperative to do the things that brings you joy.

    How do I organize my time? Well, I used to write myself to-do lists, but nowadays I triage (as the ER nurses do) what’s more important for me that day. Some days it’s only one thing, depending on my energy levels, and that’s good enough for me! These days I’m devoting more of my precious time & energy to doing what I love the most. Knitting is at the top of that list! Also, spending time with good friends and good family is always #1.

    • I’m glad you are devoting time to what matters most to you, Kim!

  2. I love snickerdoodles! I use a planner and the franklin covey A,B, C system with compass cards.

    • Hmmm, that is not familiar to me. Off to consult the google-fu!

  3. i’ve been feeling lately like i have absolutely no control over my time… i need to kick myself in the butt and get my act together! :)

    • Yeah, that feeling of reacting instead of being in charge is what starts to annoy me after a while.

  4. Wow – 2.5 years in the office? Time flies! And time is always an issue. I find taking a 1/2 hr on Sunday evening to think about the week ahead always helps. Some basic meal planning… what night will leftovers be the best. And also reminding myself how little time some things take – I think it will take forever to do the dishes, but then just bang out the worst of them in under 5 minutes… makes for an easier breakfast if I’ve done them before bed. 5 minutes is actually a lot of time!

    • Hi Sarah!
      You’re totally right, time management is sometimes about getting the little things done! We’re trying to do the half hour clean up on the week-ends, makes the house look so much better than trying to get it done during the week. And really, a half hour out of one day on the week-end is nothing.

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