Posted by: Kate | February 28, 2014


I am a huge proponent of playing. However, teen-agers don’t like to play around their parents as much. We occasionally get to see the playfulness, but it takes something special to break that shell of teen-age awkward self-awareness. Something like a massive snow fall.

I think this started out innocently enough, with Mr. Kate tossing snow at Bushboy while Mr. Kate took his turn shovelling the driveway. It quickly turned into a game of Bury the Kid.snow play feb 231

He didn’t actually want to get out (laughing too hard), it took some coaxing for him to break the snow pile and emerge.

snow play feb 232

snow play feb 233

snow play feb 234


He spent hours outside with the snow over the week-end, both with us and on his own. There were snowball fights, and walks, and throwing oneself into snow drifts, and standing under trees pulling all the snow down on oneself. The week-end was all about Play, and it made me so happy.



  1. hooray! what fun!!
    one is never too old for a romp in the snow!

    • That is the truth!!

  2. I can see why this made you happy, Kate! Fun pictures!

    • It was a fun day!

  3. Just wonderful!!!!!!!! Ros

    • Thanks Ros!

  4. Awww, this looked like so much fun!! I can’t wipe the grin off my face – play is gooooooood!!! Thx!

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