Posted by: Kate | February 18, 2014

Answering Questions

Because Denise did it, so why not …

What is your favourite journey?
Riding any of the routes on the BC Ferries (as long as it isn’t really rough seas). I love standing at the railing watching one shore fade away and then another come into focus.
What was your best read of the last year?
I mentioned this one before – When the Emperor Was Divine by Julie Otsuko. A second pick would be Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout.If the sun is shining, where do you go?
To the beach (ocean). Always.

Where’s next on your ‘must visit’ list?
Tough one. I’ve been fortunate to travel when I was younger, so although there are places I’d like to still see I don’t feel a “must” about it. I’d say Haida Gwaii (formerly the Queen Charlotte Islands) are high on my list of places I’d both like to visit and likely will visit.

What are your words to live by?
Laugh out loud. When people look at you, laugh louder. …. or my high school words to live by: If you can’t win by reason, go for VOLUME. (Calvin & Hobbes)

Tell me a joke.
Q: Why shouldn’t you trust atoms?
A: They make up everything.

Play along, if you’d like!


  1. I love a good ferry ride, especially quiet early morning rides. Thank you for sharing your joke. I’m not much of a joke person, but I like yours. I’m off to learn about When the Emperor Was Divine. Enjoy Haida Gwaii.

    • I’m not much for jokes either, but I am a science geek, which my lovely husband knows – he bought me a Tshirt with this on it :)

  2. It’s hard to beat a ride on BC Ferries! And Haida Gwaii is also on my “must visit” list. Fun post Kate!

    • The ferry rides are pretty awesome – not so much the cost of course…. :(

  3. your joke cracked me up! :)

    my first ferry ride was from seattle to victoria and it was when i learned that i get sea sick on open water… turns out i was born and live in the middle of the country for a reason :)

    • Good thing you are land-locked indeed. Sea sick is no fun.

  4. Mmmm, Haida Gwaii, it’s been on my mind for so long, I hope to go there one of these days, years. I used to love ferry rides, but the last one I was on was back in the ’80’s. Yikes.

    Loved your joke! I can ever remember jokes, I think it’s a guy thing. I dunno.

    • Maybe one day you’ll hop a ferry over to the island!

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