Posted by: Kate | February 17, 2014

Getting Organized – February

My organization focus is going well. The upstairs closet is functional once again, and a large collection of outgrown games, etc has been cleared out. Another box under the bed was cleared out, and provided the most exciting find of the year. My diploma from university has been missing since we moved away from Victoria, and it showed up in that box! I swear I’ve looked there before, but it had been tucked into a miscellaneous folder. Such a delight to find it. Now to frame it properly!

Another way I’ve been organized this month was with my crafting, or at least with my scrapbooking. My friend and I were lucky enough to go to the same scrapbooking charity day that we attended last year, and being organized definitely helped me be more productive. It was a very successful day, and a lot of fun as always (plus really pretty out when we went for our afternoon walk).

ice day1

ice day2

So for February I continue to look at ways to organize my routines. There are two main clutter areas to deal with as well – the spare room where all my crafting supplies live as well as the guest bed; and my desk. I’d like to get those dealt with before the start of spring.


  1. Organizing? Not much of that going on around here, ha ha. You’ve inspired me, though, I need to get some things sorted out. It’s always much better & more productive when everything’s in order :)

    I LOVE the pic of the frozen fern – lovely! (sort of weird to see ice in your neck of the woods!).

    • It was very weird to see the deep freeze like that. Much more normal rain now :)

  2. gorgeous photos!
    glad your organizing is going well! mine is slowly progressing. but baby steps are still steps!

    • Absolutely – any forward momentum is good!

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