Posted by: Kate | February 11, 2014

Feature Photo: Art in the Legislature

Bush boy snapped this photo of the Legislature Buildings when we were in Victoria over the week-end and then played with it in Photoshop Elements. He asked me to post it on the blog, so here you go!




  1. Oh wow! That is so cool! I’m tempted to copy it and try to do some fair-isle :) Wtg, Bush boy! Thank you :) I’m going to send this pic to my nephew, who now lives in Victoria.

    One could even do mosaic with this. Oh, the endless possibilities.

    • It is pretty cool.

  2. awesome!! i agree with kim – but i’d chose cross stitching, it seems easier than fairisle! :)
    tell bb that the blog has spoken and we want to see more of his work!!

    • or Lego… you one could totally make a Lego mosaic from this photo!

      • That would be interesting!

    • It would be a great cross stitch, wouldn’t it?!

      • Gosh, it would be *fantastic* cross-stitched! Who wants to start?

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