Posted by: Kate | January 31, 2014

Feature Photo: Mud Puppy

He wouldn’t look at me long enough to snap a picture of the giant grin on his dirty face – what a happy dog.

mud puppy


  1. How do you get him clean enough to let back into your house?!

    • The mud sits on his top coat without really soaking in, and as soon as he’s dry it just sloughs off. But we also try to make sure he finds clean water before we get back!

  2. turns out the only thing cuter than chika is chika covered in mud!!!
    i love your dog!!

    • Yeah, I know you do ;-)

  3. Beautiful!!!! Mud is always a sign of a very happy dog! ROsx

    • Yup!!!

  4. Don’t dogs & mud go together? Chika looks like he’s in his element :)

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