Posted by: Kate | December 31, 2013

Gift Knitting Evidence

The gifts have all been delivered. I wasn’t very good about taking photos, as I was working on them in the evenings and then wrapping them up as they were finished. But I do have evidence!

yarn collageThese are all remnants of gifts made. From top left corner: socks; socks (same yarn two exposures I just realized); fingerless mitts; fingerless mitts; socks.

I also made a little friend of ours some cotton play balls. Bushboy had a set of these for years, and he and Mr. K promptly started a ball fight with them when they saw these ones. Sigh. Dishcloth cotton makes them soft and washable!

yarn ballsI know there were some other items taken out of the sale stash, but those I have no evidence for. There are two more gifts to go, my dad and step-mom are away for the holidays so I will send their gifts when they return.






  1. I love the yarn you’ve used. Love the colours!

    • Aw thank you! They were well received. I always have fun matching the yarn to the people.

      • It’s funny you said that :D I thought I was the only one :lol:

  2. very nice kate!
    i guess that’s why we don’t give grown up boys/men toy balls for gifts, huh? :)

    • So, so true. So very true.

  3. Lovely yarn, I could dive right in! I, too, like to match a yarn and colour for my recipient. It matters!

    • Absolutely it matters ;-)

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