Posted by: Kate | December 29, 2013

2013 Word Wrap

As the year is rapidly coming to a close, I thought I should take a few moments to wrap up my word for 2013. Health. I liked this word choice. I kept it close to my heart and mind all year, and tried to make the word a natural part of all aspects of my life. My weight is under control, my eating habits have benefited, I continue to exercise my body and mind. I have worked on anxiety, cleanliness, and fitness. I’ve had my first mammogram (welcome to 40!) and dealt with some health issues (nothing too serious). I’ve kept a good eye on the finances, and Mr. Kate and I have talked about the next 10 year plan.

I liked health as a word, it was complex and yet easy to break into manageable components. I think it will continue with me as I have created habits that I will make work for a lifetime.

As to my word for 2014 – I’m contemplating a few options and hoping that the right one will step up this week. I’ll keep you posted! In the meantime, think about your word/resolution/aim for 2014. We’ll meet back here and share soon! (After I show you the remnants of all the holiday knitting that I didn’t take pictures of….)


  1. We’ve come to the end of 2013. You caught me by surprise a bit, where did the last year go?! I love your idea of choosing a word for the year, yours was a good one. It sounds like you’ve done well!

    My word for 2013 was laughter and it amazes me how much laughter came into my world. I’m even a founding member of the Laughing Ladies Club or LLC. We’re going to get t-shirts done, ha ha. The laughing ladies are wonderful, happy, joyful, sincere, friends-for-life. I am amazed & thrilled :)

    My word for 2014 is … hmmm, let me give it some thought.


    • I am so glad you fit laughter into your year Kim. How wonderful!

  2. I’m so glad it has been a good word year for you. AS I read this, my word for 2014 became clear so I’m kind of excited to get a blog entry ready on it. Xx happy new year!

    • I’m excited to see your word!! Have a wonderful new year with your family!

  3. i enjoyed following your “health” posts all year kate, i’m glad you found it so beneficial!
    i look forward to seeing what your word for 2014 will be!

    • Thanks Melissa, I’m working on it!

  4. It was your post last year on picking the word health for the year that has inspired me to pick a word for 2014. It has been interesting to read and follow your health journey through 2013. Well done you for sticking with it! Happy New Year to you and your family, and hopefully 2014 will be the year we get to meet in person!

    • Thanks Kristie. I’m thinking we have a good chance of making a meet-up happen down island this spring or summer :)
      I’m excited to hear what your word for 2014 is.

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