Posted by: Kate | December 1, 2013

Hello December

Happy December! This can be such a wonderful month, a time of celebration, decoration, tradition, parties, family time and more. It can also be a month of stress, frustration, sadness and disappointment. The trick is, how to keep it more of the former and less of the latter.

For me, my word of 2013, HEALTH, is never more important than in this month. Keeping moving, keeping hydrated with water, eating healthy, crafting, spending quality family time with my boys, and giving myself lots of down time will all lend to a wonderful and magical December. So that is my goal for the month, to be mindful of my health, and enjoy the month of December.

What things do you need to do to keep December a joyous month instead of a stressful month? Let’s do them together!

These three roses apparently want to see December as well!

These three roses apparently want to see December as well!



  1. Nice roses! Mine dropped it’s leaves a couple weeks ago. I am actually looking forward to this Christmas and it has been a few years since I have been able to say that. I think not having knitting deadlines really helps.

  2. Hi Ms. Kate! My first post back into the blogworld and glad to see that you are still documenting your health goals each month! I’m so not ready for it to be December…coming out of the field so late has my internal clock completely messed up. So it’s going to be an effort for me to be joyous rather than stressed…but your idea of down time is one I need to follow!

    • Hi Rachel!!! I was waiting to see you here – thought I’d give you the space you needed to get back online. How about aiming for content, rather than joyous?

  3. Hello there! Mine would definitely be to make sure that I am still concentrating my energies on enjoying the free things in life…. family, friends, Oscar-dog, nature, knitting, crafting etc. Rosx

    • Wonderful things to focus on, Ros!!

  4. Hi Kate! Seeing your 3 roses is a beautiful start to my Dec.! It amazes me how *some* things keep growing here in B.C., when it’s so cold outside!! I love how you say you’re **giving myself lots of down time will all lend to a wonderful and magical December.** I’ll have the same please :)

    It’s crazy how fast the Christmas season comes along. I’m not a bit ready nor do I have the Christmas Spirit. I’ve just started reading Charles Dickens’ Christmas stories, maybe that’ll help.

    • I find Christmas stories and music helps me, but I don’t spend a lot of time in stores, etc where the music becomes irritating!

  5. i’ve been feeling very overwhelmed with scheduling, commitments, etc… all fall and made the executive decision that i wasn’t going to make any christmas gifts this year. i just didn’t need the added stress, and i wanted my crafting time to be enjoyable.
    i’m doing my best to “shop small” and am enjoying the stress-free crafting time i do manage to find for myself!

    • Good for you!

    • Good plan, melissa! I seem to be ‘migrating’ this way, too, thanks to everyone’s posts. Christmas is meant to be enjoyed, not a big, stressful, upsetting ‘holiday’.

      Merry Christmas!

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