Posted by: Kate | November 25, 2013

Black What?

There are many great things about the United States that I am glad Canada has embraced. I am not naive enough to think that we can be unaffected by our much, much larger (population-wise) neighbour to the south.

So when some of the larger American-based stores starting advertising up here for Black Friday sales, I thought “well, we can’t get only the good stuff after all. And they are American companies.” However, now the local malls in Victoria are all doing Black Friday specials. What?!

Keep in mind, our Canadian Thanksgiving is the second week-end in October. We don’t celebrate American Thanksgiving. So this day has no significance to us as a country. But apparently, instead of eating turkey on the Thursday and adding another family meal to the calendar, we decided we needed to shop like maniacs on that specific Friday in November.

There is already a lot of debate around, as Christmas seems to have started earlier than ever this year in the retail world. Some stores already have all their Christmas decorating stock at 50% off (Target I’m looking at you). That used to be the deals on Boxing Day (for my US friends, Boxing Day is the day after Christmas and is an official holiday, and often a family bargain shopping day). I wonder how far we as consumers are willing to let this trend go … buy your Christmas decorations in July? Halloween costumes in February?

I for one will not be out there on Black Friday, on either side of the border.



  1. I will never, ever shop on Black Friday. I think turning every holiday into an excuse to shop is ridiculous. Also, two weeks before Thanksgiving I could not find little pumpkins or a cornicopia, the stores had sold out weeks earlier. Earlier is not better. Makes me cranky.

    • I hear you!!

  2. I’m totally with you on this one. It’s all about money. I think the push for Black Friday on this side of the border came about because Canadian retailers are losing business as more and more people go south to shop that day, or take advantage of online Black Friday offers.

    • You’re probably right re: Canadian shoppers going south. Sad.

  3. Yes, it’s very sad. What has our world come to? It’s all about money, money, money – money has become our God. It’s out of control & perhaps one by one, we can stop this madness. I do not participate in Black Friday at all, on-line or anywhere else.

    Christmas is very soon on its way & it’s all about the gifts, decorations, etc. etc. etc. Crazy. Somewhere along the line, we’ve forgotten the true meaning of this special day.

    • Nicely said, Kim. This month is about finding our own meaning :)

  4. as an american, i feel the need to apologize for sending our rampant consumerism your way… the stores here are pushing it even further, some opening at 6pm on thursday. i boycott it all… i hunkered down on friday and just spent time with my family and didn’t even go out. i’m obviously in the minority… but i do all i can to avoid the insanity and the rash consumption.
    it feels to me like pandora’s box… not sure that it can be stopped at this point, but i’m feeling a little bleak today :)
    the news reports on the people who are protesting stores opening on american thanksgiving and there was even a fella who got fired because he refused to open his pizza hut on thanksgiving… there’s talk, but then when the time comes everyone just runs out pell mell and goes shopping.
    hopefully though the dialogue will continue and something positive will come out of it…

    • Oh I don’t blame your country for it all, mine’s just as quick to jump on board!

      • Ditto!

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