Posted by: Kate | November 17, 2013

The Backroads of BC

Having traveled and camped across a lot of this amazing province, the one thing I have learned is that for many many people in BC, the time off begins where the paved road ends. Our province has two road networks – the one that is paved and the gravel and dirt roads that make up the backroads.

Backroads here are not the same as dirt roads in farm country. Backroads here are usually roads that were put in by forestry companies, rightfully called Forest Service Roads. The public is generally allowed access to these roads (although some get closed off when active logging is happening in the area). These roads are the life lines for hunters, fishermen/women, mountain bikers, atv/dirt bike riders, and campers. They lead to the wonderful camping spots, the most beautiful lakes, and amazing rivers. Step foot out of the urban areas, and sooner or later you’ll be on a backroad.

wokas lake

Some of our best adventures have come from exploring the backroads – this week-end was no exception. The adventure took us 8km off the paved road, and along some narrowing gravel roads. But look what we found at the end of the road.

wokas lake fire1

wokas lake fire2

wokas lake fire3So glad to know about the “other” highway system!




  1. Oh, it just looks beautiful. Can’t wait to bring Iain up there some day!

    • Me neither!!!

  2. gorgeous!!
    thank you for taking us along as you stepped off the beaten path!!

    • My pleasure.

  3. It looks like it was a beautiful weekend (both the scenery and the weather). We’ve not done much backroad travelling. I think we have really missed out.

    • Growing up in Victoria we camped a lot but not really in the backroads areas. It was an eye-opener to me when we moved up here for sure. So much space to explore!!

  4. Lovely journey on BC’s backroads! I love what you discovered at the end of your journey, it is beautiful. To me, that’s what adventures are for!

    • Destination ;-)

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