Posted by: Kate | November 14, 2013

Morning Memorial

Two mornings a week I drop Bushboy off early for jazz band. I don’t have to be at the office for another 30 minutes, so I often go down to the water to read, watch the birds, knit or listen to CBC. It’s a nice way to start my day, especially when we have a crisp, clear morning as we did today.

As I was taking pictures down at the water, my eye was caught by something bright. On one of the many memorial benches placed along the path, someone had left a pot of flowers. The sun was glistening off the wet petals, and lending a lovely warmth to the scene. I found myself really drawn to the simple scene, and thankful to the person who left such a nice gesture for everyone to enjoy. It really did make my day.

memorial flowers2

memorial flowers1


  1. It sounds like a lovely way to start the day. I wonder if the flowers were left by a relative or friend of the person the bench was dedicated to??

    • That was my assumption about the flowers.

  2. so lovely.

    on an unrelated note… what instrument does bb play?
    (pun totally intended, heh heh)

    • He plays trumpet in both the Grade 8 band and the jazz band – and he loves it. (He also plays electric guitar, but not in the band.)

  3. How lovely! I had same thought, I wonder if it was left by someone for the person who is memorialized? The flowers are a beautiful message/thought.

    Lately, I’ve been leaving my own kind of messages at the park near the lake where we walk every day. My daughter & now my younger sister both survived a huge cancer scare & I wrote a big ‘thank you’ on some nice rocks & placed them in the nooks of trees. This is my way of sending my gratitude to the heavens or the universe or whoever is out there.

    • Aw Kim, that is so lovely!

    • 1treblemaker1: Wonderful!

      • thanks guys :)

  4. A beautiful mystery.

    • That was what I liked about it. I don’t really want to know the answer, I just appreciated the gesture.

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