Posted by: Kate | November 3, 2013


One of the things Bushboy has that astounds me, infuriates me and baffles me is perseverance. Not the stoic, head-down and march forward kind, but the kind that rails against the agony of the work, that fights for perfection, that moans in despair, yet continues to resolutely push and push to achieve. It is exhausting to watch, and I have learned the hard way to disengage as much as possible from the process, for both of our sanities.

Case in point, his Halloween costume. Bushboy is currently crazy about techno music, and in particular the music of Daft Punk. One of the things about Daft Punk is that they always wear their helmets for public performance. Another thing is that they have never licensed any products, so if you want anything Daft Punk, you have to make it. This has spawned an incredibly creative community which shares tips and instructions on line. Bushboy decided this was to be his Halloween costume, along with another Daft Punk-loving friend.

This costume took 2 months. There were three proto-types, and in the end he made both helmets. They are done through a paper-piecing program that prints out something like 20 pages of pattern pieces, each page with multiple pieces to carefully cut out. You then use an online 3D model to follow which pieces go together. It is painstaking work (thus the friend paid Bushboy to finish his). After piecing the helmets together, they require solidification. After assuring Bushboy that plastic molds and home-made resins were out of the question, they paper mached the helmets. This took another two days of work. Then coats of spray paint. Then, and maybe most difficult, was the visors (ended up using tinted cling film for windshields after a few other experiments didn’t pan out).


Understand, through-out this process there was much agony and frustration. There was much second-guessing, and yelling, and fears that after all the work they would be laughed at for the “home-madeness” of it all.

Bushboy is in the silver helmet.

Bushboy is in the silver helmet.

Yeah, they were a major hit. They won a prize at the costume parade, they were recognized by everyone (everyone who knew Daft Punk, of course) and someone even offered Bushboy money for his helmet.

I am in awe of this angry, defiant perseverance. It seems exhausting and draining, and yet it gets results. Rock on, young man.



  1. rock on indeed!
    the helmets turned out amazing!! just the perfect reward for such determined perseverance!
    (we could also talk about how he’s learning valuable skills that will help him later in life… but i think that would ruin the techno rock vibe we’ve got going on, so i won’t mention it :)

    • Well, not sure about valuable skills, but he does get results!

  2. Wow! Does the term, ‘it’s all about the journey, not the destination” apply? I’m not sure, though in the end, BB & his friend did an A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. job! Well done, boyz! Rock on!!

    • For him it’s the reverse. The journey is pure agony, but he’s determined to get to that destination!!

  3. I have no clue who Daft Punk are, but I say well done Bushboy! It will be interesting to see what path he follows as he becomes an adult. I’m guessing some kind of research.

    • Well, it might be better if it were in an isolated lab, and if he had an unlimited budget…. then maybe.

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