Posted by: Kate | October 29, 2013

Ocean Discoveries

I love the shore for the endless discoveries we come across whenever we visit. This week-end while we enjoyed the sunshine, we kept our eyes open for treasure.

First up was the bones of some small ocean creature, washed clean in the salt water and bleached in the sun and wind.

beach bonesThe second discovery of the day was a little bigger.

dock discovery1You know this discovery needed further investigation…..

dock discovery2Wet shoes whatever.

dock discovery3We determined it had been out in the water for a while, as it was covered in both bird poop and mussels. There are many many bays and islands around that this could have come from, floating along until it finally came to rest on this stretch of shore.

Love ocean discoveries.



  1. It could also have come from the earthquake/tsunami in Japan.

    • Being on the centre of the east coast of the island we’re not as likely to see much from Japan, although it’s always a possibility!

  2. small and large… both are fantastic beach finds!

    • We thought so!

  3. I wondered about it coming from the tsunami in Japan too, but then decided it would probably have never made it this far mostly intact. You should write a story about that beached dock. :-)

    And I love the look of the bleached out bones.

    • Not only intact, but also being on the inside passage as we are, below very narrow straits, we’re not very likely to get debris on this part of the island.

      It’ll go in the story book for sure!

  4. Cool! My 1st thought was Japan tsunami, too, but read your explanations & now makes sense, thx! The bleached bones are amazing, wonder what they are?

    Story book? This sounds very intriguing!

    • A book where I keep notes on story ideas, poem ideas, etc.

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