Posted by: Kate | October 27, 2013

The Best Medicine

Mr. Kate has had a nasty head cold the last few days, enough to keep him home from work today. After three days of sitting around, however, he wanted fresh air. But he had no energy for a walk, even around the block. The solution, of course, is just minutes away.

best medicine3

best medicine4


There is a warm north wind blowing today, which kept the fog away for the first time in more than a week, so the water was beautiful. We soaked up the sun, laughed and let the warm sunshine and sea air work on Mr. Kate.

best medicine1

best medicine2


Of course, the best medicine for me is seeing my two guys in the place we love.

best medicine5


Now we are home, and Mr. Kate is wiped out back on the couch, but better for having got some sun. The best medicine around, that shore.



  1. The shore & beach & sun! & sea is the best medicine! I hope the Mr. Kate’s feeling much better today!

    Didn’t the wealthy folks in ‘Period Piece’ books, travel to the sea for resorative remedy? Their family doctor would prescribe these trips. Of course, some were lucky enough to live very near the sea & enjoyed great health!

    Next time you’re at the ocean, give a small wave for me!

  2. i hope mr. kate is feeling better!
    gorgeous photos, loving that last one.

    and “oh hello there chika!!! who’s a good boy?!?! you are!!! you are!!!”

    • Just for you ;-)

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