Posted by: Kate | October 8, 2013

Fall Health Check In

Even though I put the posts aside for the summer, I have still been keeping my focus word for 2013, HEALTH, in mind. I continue to work towards healthier eating and healthier habits, including walking regularly and stretching more often.  With the start of a new school year we are working on healthy family routines, getting schedules organized and synchronized as much as possible.

Probably for fall my goal is home health. Some deep cleaning, some rearranging, some de-cluttering. I have been working in my spare room clearing out my craft cupboard and evaluating what will stay. My bedroom closets likewise are getting scrutinized. I know many people do this in the spring, but for me the fall is the right time, after the summer of bare feet and open doors and beach towels hung on the deck.

I hope you are all feeling healthy and energized as we head into the fall – it’s my favourite time of year.


  1. I thought I was the only one cleaning out closets in the fall. Last week I did Oldest Daughter Who Is In Africa’s closet and this morning was for Youngest Son. I made a huge difference and he did not even notice, but he did notice the Halloween decorations, so all is not lost.

    • LOL! They are deliberately blind most of the time :)

  2. things have been a little slow moving over here… my back has been bad the past month so my walking regimen has fallen off, as has my keeping up with “home health.” (i like that phrase, i’m going to start using it!)
    but after a visit to my chiropractor on saturday (he only comes to town once a month) i have new exercises and stretches to do and am slowly beginning to feel better, so i’m also slowly beginning to go on walks again and working on getting things back in order in the house as well.
    my garden?!?! we won’t even talk about the health of my poor neglected garden. lil and i will get out there soon, but i want to give my back more time to heal before i attempt any gardening!

    • Back definitely comes first!! Be well my friend.

  3. I had been wondering if you were still doing your health focus. It’s not surprising you put the posts about it aside during the summer. It is so much easier to just naturally do things to keep healthy when it is warm and the sun is shining! Being organized and decluttering are great ways to have mental health, and I like your idea of doing it going into the fall instead of in the spring.

    • I agree, summer just makes it easier to feel healthy. But now we have apparently two whole weeks of sunshine coming our way, so I am looking forward to crisp fall air walking!!

  4. Wonderful post, Kate. Fall is my favourite time of year, too. Wait! Spring is. I’m so confused, I’ve been having alot of ‘brain fog’ these days. I don’t remember anything anymore. Is it my age? Or is the world spinning too fast? What? ha ha No fear, though, I’m taking it all in stride – one moment at a time. I’m actually practising mindfulness and it’s now (sort of) starting to pay off. My knitting is the best therapy, it slows the world down to tiny, little stitches.

    My landlady & 4 of her new international friends & I are about to start a “Laughter Club”! I recall hearing about these clubs a few years ago, I think it started in India.

    We met once & had a ball, laughing so much our stomachs hurt. We meet next Oct. 11th. One of the ladies is going to teach us how to make Thai rolls!!

    • Laughter is soooo good for you!

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