Posted by: Kate | October 3, 2013

Feature Photo: Comfort Cat

You can tell cooler weather is upon us when Torti starts searching out blankets and snuggle places. Her newest favourite, the house on the scratching post that came with Panda. The other cats are not allowed in.

DSC08863 DSC08864



  1. Who can blame her, it looks super cozy!

    • She’s a total blanket hog, too.

  2. aw she’s so sweet all snuggled up!
    we know it’s getting cold over here when peapod starts sleeping on the fireplace mantle. she doesn’t let pippin up there either! i’ve tried to tell them they’d be warmer if they snuggled together, but they’re not buying it!

    • Yeah, when it comes to warm spaces there’s not a lot of sharing going on!

  3. Awww, so cute! Torit is gorgeous. And looking so cozy!!! Love the green & white blanket.

    • She is a very pretty cat. And she knows it :)

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