Posted by: Kate | September 28, 2013

In the September Garden

The rain and wind have returned, but there have been days of lovely sunshine this September, which have convinced the garden to keep producing. We are still eating and harvesting fresh runner beans, and the swiss chard is recuperating nicely from the hot summer. With the colder nights and damp weather it will be time to pull up the bean plants this week, but the swiss chard I will leave in the garden and if it survives then in the early spring we will have a wonderful crop!

fall colours8

fall colours2The apples are ready, at least the few we got this year. They are quite tart though, they never turned sweet it seems, although they are also much bigger than last year’s bumper crop.

fall colours10


Is there anything left in your fall garden, or has it gone to bed for the year now?




  1. Your chard should be fine unless we get a really bad winter. I kind of like apples that are a bit tart, plus they work well to use for baking and applesauce. Maybe an apple crisp?

    I think about the garden I left behind in Kamloops once in awhile. I wonder if the new owners even kept it in. I can’t wait to get a garden box going here next spring.

    • I know my old veg garden in Victoria is all lawn, as we’ve driven by a few times. It’s all good.

      Will be exciting for you to do a new one!

  2. glad you’re still getting some produce out of your garden!
    we’re still pulling tomatoes in…

  3. Your chard is absolutely gorgeous. No garden of my own, but our farmers market is still supplying us with the most delicious strawberries and zucchini. We are starting to see Winter squash now too. It’s that time of year when we are eating summer and autumn bounty in the same week.

    • That happens here as well. Not so much strawberries, but end of season zucchini and green beans, etc.

  4. The leaves of the chard are so glossy and look super-healthy! We’re still reaping the many benefits from the Farmer’s Market, it’s amazing how much food people grow out here!

    You are so lucky to have your own apple tree! It is looking great. One day I would love another apple tree, just so I can walk outside and pick my own apple! I finally picked my first Okanagan apple, plus lots more, when we were in Summerland a few weekends ago. It was a special moment :)

    • You are definitely in the right area for apples!

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