Posted by: Kate | September 5, 2013


In our ongoing quest for sourcing local food, we have been visiting a blueberry u-pick down in Courtenay for the last couple of years. It is a family farm with excellent berries (they have raspberries as well, although our bushes produce enough that I don’t pick them there) as well as water buffalo and cattle. This year in fact they were selling ground beef from the cattle, and I picked up some packages. It was very good quality, so next year I will get more. The prices on their blueberries is the best around that I’ve seen, and the price on their ground beef was very reasonable.


Bushboy searching out the best blueberries for his personal stash…

Bushboy loves blueberries. He eats all fruit readily, but he really loves blueberries. So the challenge is to pick enough that they get frozen. But the challenge doesn’t end there. This year I only got down once and only got three large freezer bags into the freezer. We’re already onto the last one, as Bushboy loves nothing more than to snack on frozen berries. Next year the picking will have to be more intense and more frequent!


This bowl and another one was full by the end of picking.

I love being able to support a healthy food craving and a local grower all at once. Do you have a local grower you get to every year?



  1. I think it is impossible to explain to someone who hasn’t experienced eating blueberries picked fresh from a farm just how wonderful they are. I’m glad you have a local place to pick them. I am going through blueberry withdrawals since my local farm closed for the season.

    • Did you freeze any?

      • I froze tons. Probably more than I will be able to eat this winter since Jay only likes them fresh. I also dried some. It was just so easy to pick them since all I had to do was drive 6 km up the road. The bushes were so loaded I could pick 10 pounds in about 20 minutes. I felt very spoiled. :-)

  2. Yum!! Those blueberries look delicious!! It’s no wonder BB loves to snack on them – they are so good. I liked to pick blueberries with my aunt who lives in Delta, BC. There’s a farm close by & we would pick buckets & buckets of them. One time I brought home 2 ice-cream pails-full on the airplane back to Edmonton – everyone at the office, where I worked, gobbled them all up. I made everything I could think of using blueberries, besides freezing them, of course. Muffins, cake, etc. It’s always wonderful to have fresh frozen blueberries in the freezer during the long, cold winter.

    Today I’m canning a few peaches for my DM’s visit in a few weeks :)

    Hey, did you see the Global News this morning? The ‘small-town feature’ was Campbell River! Viewers sent in beautiful, amazing shots of your hometown!

    • I didn’t see it but heard about it!
      I love how food is so tied to so many memories.

  3. looks delicious!! what a great place to have located so close to you!

    • We’re very lucky!

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