Posted by: Kate | September 2, 2013

Green Cable Done!

This was the first project I started in the new year, but as usual I put aside a project for me to work on many other projects for other people (and some smaller ones for me). However, this past week I decided I really wanted this sweater done before the fall, so I buckled down and finished!

green sweater1


I am thrilled with this one. I still need to wash it to tighten up the seams, but otherwise it is ready to go. The yarn is Berroco Vintage, a washable wool/acrylic blend which I have used for other sweaters with great success. The pattern is from the winter 2012 Knit Simple. The only modification I made was to make the sleeves full length, as elbow length sleeves annoy me.

green sweater back


I love the neckline and the cable detail. I’m wearing a puffy shirt underneath, so it is a little bulky, but with a t-shirt and dress pants, this will be great for the office this winter.

green sweater frontIt always feel great to get a sweater off the needles!




  1. Nice!!!!

  2. Wow, Kate, it’s spectacular! Kudos on buckling down to finish it – it is beautiful. Love the green colourway, the cable and the longer sleeves.

    I’m sure you will love it for years to come :)

    • Thanks Kim, I hope so!

  3. Very pretty! I love the detail!

    • Thanks Kathy!

  4. Nice sweater Kate! I really need to complete some things too…get me a little FO fix!

    • It feels good!

  5. That is a beautiful sweater Kate! I especially love the way the cable runs down just one side. Now you will be anxious for cold weather so you can wear it. :-)

    • Nope – not so anxious! ;-)

  6. Beautiful! Love the cable detail.

    • Thanks Amy, it was definitely what attracted me to the pattern.

  7. wonderful sweater kate! and it looks fabulous on you!
    i love that shade of green!

    • I’m pretty partial to the colour myself!

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