Posted by: Kate | August 27, 2013

Bean Chutney

I don’t do pressure canning, so I needed a recipe to use up the glut of pole beans I had. We’ve found they don’t freeze as well as the runner beans, so they were a priority. I went searching the internet for help. I knew that there were some pickle-type recipes out there, and of course dilly beans are very popular. These aren’t quite the right kind of beans for those, and I don’t like spicy things, so I was searching for a while. My step mom served me a really nice green bean pickle last year, so I knew there were some out there. Once I stopped looking at North American recipe and canning sites and turned to search engines, my answer came. Bean chutney!

bean glut

This is very popular in England and Australia it would appear, and as I am a big fan of chutney I decided to give it a go. I didn’t use my runner beans (as an aside, runner beans are not available ever in stores here, at least not fresh – I’m baffled by that as I love them) but otherwise I pretty much followed this recipe. Chutneys pretty much need a few weeks to mellow the flavours, so I won’t know for a while how they taste. I ended up with two extra jars that I didn’t have sterilized so those will go in the fridge and get eaten first. I got another 5 jars out of the batch which are on the table sealing.

bean chutney1


  1. Yum! Food for the Gods!

    I haven’t heard of runner beans & as you said, they’re not available in stores. Which ones are they in your pics?

    • The runner beans are the long flat green ones in the centre bowl. There’s a mix of bush beans (typical green beans, as well as yellow and purple varieties) as well as a few more runner beans in the big tub on the right. The big yellow ones are the pole beans which I used for the chutney.

      • Thx Kate! Now I know. It’s always so satisfying to get to know these sort of things. The other day I saw a B.C. chef (on TV) cooking with beans, he used long, skinny, reddish-coloured beans with yellow polka-dots. I didn’t think they were real, but they are!

        He didn’t comment on the name :(

  2. Hello There!

    I’m so pleased to read that you have a glut of beans that you made into chutney! I am sure that you will like this recipe, it’s a firm favourite of mine. Please do let me know what you think when you try some.


    • Thanks Mel, I will certainly do an update! I think I might have too much vinegar in it, I don’t have a kitchen scale so couldn’t get an accurate weight on the amount of beans I had. But we shall see…. it certainly smelled delicious!

  3. this looks very intriguing! i too am looking forward to the “how it tasted” update post!

    • I’ve had a sneak taste of the ones in the fridge – still a little too vinegary (needs to mellow longer) but the beans are awesome in it!

  4. Wow! You’ve been busy. That’s just the kind of recipe we will be looking for, as we too will be needing to use our glut of beans. It looks delicious! Ros

    • just cleaned out the last of the bush beans from the garden, but good old runner beans are still going strong!

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