Posted by: Kate | August 25, 2013

Putting Up

End of August is always so busy! Aside from sneaking away for 24 hours camping, we’ve been to the air show, visited other friends out camping, worked in the garden, and started to clean house before the end of summer. Mr. Kate is planning a bike trip into the states with some friends in a couple of weeks. But the busiest busy -maker – this is ‘putting up’ time. This week-end it is basil pesto and bean chutney (’cause oh my I have a lot of beans). Last week, thanks to a very generous friend and boss, it was fish we were putting up.


Thank goodness Mr. Kate has some mad knife skills, and Bushboy is becoming proficient at the vacuum sealer. We now have a nice stash of coho fillets, steaks, sides and whole fish in the freezer. Fresh, west coast fish.



Next week (after the bean chutney) will be blackberry time – jamming and freezing. I also just saw in the flyer that BC peaches are on sale by the case right now….


  1. I did tomato purée and pizza sauce last week. Yesterday Youngest Son picked a bunch of apples, and today Husband picked the plums. Tuesday I have plans to drive over the mountains for peaches. It is going to be a busy week in the kitchen.

    • Love that you made pizza sauce!

  2. I’m very, very jealous of all that salmon you have in your freezer!

    • Yeah, I know how much wild coho costs in the grocery store – we’re pretty lucky!

  3. My oh my, Kate, those pkgs. of salmon look good!! Nice friends of yours! After all your canning, you’ll be set for the winter.

    We’ve been buying (& eating) peaches – wow, are they ever good. I’ve considered freezing some & went online to check how. I’d have to make a simple syrup for the cut peaches. You can also use fruit juice.

    lol, by the time I decide, they’ll be gone! Maybe next year …

    • Well, I do have a 13-year-old boy in the house, so I’ll take all the help with the food bill I can get!

      • Ah, of course. It’s great that BB’s involved in your garden & canning, etc. It’s a life skill he can use all his life.

        I recall the teenage boy’s hunger, mind, he’s now near 30 yrs. old & can still eat us all under the table! (I don’t know where he puts it, he’s skinny as a rail. Must be all the hard work he’s been doing, working in the oil & gas industry).

  4. wow is that salmon ever gorgeous!!
    what a wonderful thing to have stockpiled in the freezer!!

    • Yup :)

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