Posted by: Kate | July 29, 2013

A Week Camping

Frog hunting,
Game playing,
S’more eating,
Star gazing,
Fire making,
Deer spotting,
Bug slapping,
Butterfly watching.


  1. It all sounds wonderful (except for the bug slapping). You had an amazing week of weather for your camping trip!

    • I was surprised how many bugs there were considering the dry weather. And yes, it was an amazing week of sun and clear skies!

  2. Wonderful summer holiday pics & words, thx :) I love the tiny frog!

    It’s been a scorcher here, too. The (weather ppl) say there’s been no rain for last 32 days, I think it was 32 days. I thought the heat might get rid of the bugs but they’re back with a vengeance. Esp. the wasps aka yellow jackets – grrrrr! I was stung last year just minding my own business, visiting w friends.

    • We got one good day of rain in July, so we are off the record that down south is having.

      The little toadlet was a favourite – there were hundreds of them!

      • Have you seen the commercial for ‘Rain Forest Frogs’? They’re tiny greenish gummy-frog candy, selling, I think, at Superstore.

      • I haven’t… will have to google it!

      • Hey 👋 Kate! You are always on my mind and in my heart. How are you? Please forgive my absence here in your blog, I have no excuse except that well, life happens. I wish you, Mr. Kate and dear bushboy as well. How’s your son doing? I will stop by WordPress more often to see what you’re up to. ❤️ Enjoy your night!

      • So wonderful to hear from you Kim! I am hoping to be more present here, we’ll see how it goes. Hope you are well.

  3. My son is looking over my shoulder and asking if we can go there too.

    • Your family would LOVE it!

  4. looks like quite the perfect way to spend the week!
    glad you all had a wonderful time!!

    • Thanks!!

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