Posted by: Kate | July 12, 2013

Colourful Hydrangeas

blue hydrangea

purple hydrangea

The blue stayed blue and the pink did turn more purple as it matured. And so all is well in the hydrangea world.

(Summer so far has been spectacular, but with working and trying to enjoy the gorgeous weather there has not been much time for sharing. Lots of stories to tell when I get a moment!)



  1. Amazingly beautiful hydrangeas, Kate! They’ve always been a favourite flower of mine, soooooo beautiful. Show-stoppers, in fact :)

    Hey, don’t worry about not blogging as often as you’d like this summer. Summer’s a time for enjoying the summer!!

    • Thanks, and thanks, Kim :)

  2. I’m glad you are having a great summer, Kate. Those hydrangeas are spectacular! They are such pretty flowers. Jay’s aunt had some that had been around for decades – they were the biggest hydrangea bushes I had ever seen, and now I always think of her when I see hydrangeas.

    • I love how memories are triggered by such visual clues.

  3. gorgeous kate!
    somehow the garden i inherited didn’t come with any hydrangeas… but i’m glad i can live vicariously through yours!

    • Glad I can help out! :)

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